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Smidger island football association is a small, young association with only 50 teams. It used to be a poor association but only recently is it now one of football's finest associations nationally and internationally.


The Smidger island Football Association started when Smidgers who played football decided to make a national cup and league competition to copy Sitland and Francemander and Lurnbi Carne, And then eventually make a national team to challenge those countries. The association made all 50 teams sign up and by 1978 they had produced the Rectess cup. This wasn't as big as hit as in Sitland and Francemandet but it still brought the fans. In 1983 the association decided to make leagues like other associations. They put the division orders alphabetic so all teams than began with a were in the first division and so on gradually through the years the better teams manage to get to division 1 so nit is now all jumbled with letters. Also like Sitland and Francemander they introduced the promotion and relegation process (see SFA and FFA for more details). In 1990 they produced a national team! The team  consisted of like Lurnbi Carne of the best players statistically in the cup and division 1. The team didn't start of well - not qualifying for the world cup or the Orients cup for 8 years, but when those 8 dormant years where over the team blossomed becoming winners of the island cup 4 times in a roe and reaching world cup final, not forgetting having the best player in the world Dudo. The team has had a height issue normally lose heading battles and in 2004 the 1st and 2nd place team from the first division went to the euro/orients champions league were they have done well at!

First division winners and their honoursEdit

Smidger Blues First Division , Rectess cup, euro/orients champions league and club world cup

First Division  and Rectess cup

Calas First Division  and Rectess cup
Monog First Divison  and Rctess cup
Sasmiak First Division  and Rectess cup
Dagram First Division
Execrt First Division
Qurt First Division

The Smidger island national teamEdit

The Smidger island team has only recently blossom in to a international team with success it used to be outclassed by Sitland and Brazil but now it cruises through mid ranking teams. It has a great future!


The Smidger island kit is blue shirt and socks with white shorts.

The team and their honoursEdit

  • Island cup
  • Orients cup
  • Champions cup

The team's players and their honoursEdit

  1. Turih Wakili - Orients cup , champions cup and Rectess cup
  2. Desec Poiloi - Island cup and First Division 
  3. Sesa - Orients cup, champions cup, First Division, Rectess cup and Island cup
  4. Ethan Hetag - Orients cup, champions cup and island cup.
  5. Deda Gilly - Orients cup, island cup, champions cup and first Division
  6. Simo jackjo - Island cup and Rectess cup
  7. Lawero - Nothing
  8. Isana Deasiolo - Orients cup and Champions cup
  9. Wetse Olimo - Rectess cup, Orients cup sand First Division.
  10. Dudo - Orients cup, Island cup, Champions cup, Rectess cup, First Division, Euro/Orients champions cup and world club cup
  11. Asaxc Utipo - Champions cup, Rectess cup and First Division
Parigi royal white

Smidger island football kit

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