A outline of Smidger Island

Smidger island is a slightly small island  north of the Orients main countries. It has a population of 300,000,000 smidgers and is 4,000,000 square kilometres big. It is the 4th largest and important country in the Orients union. It is a presidential country and it's leader is Drago Londro. It speaks Sitilish and is friends with Sitland.


The first sighting of the island was (in 1905) from a English ship sailing back to Singapore. They told the people of singapore about the voyage and the island. British soldiers eavesdropped on the storytelling and set out to find the island. Sending the navy of Singapore they found accidently Sitland and claimed the land for themselves. When they explored the land they discovered a city of defenceless smidger nests. They told the leader of the smidger nest to leave to the island or get killed. The smidgers decided to set out for the island after a long hard week, the smidgers arrived at a tropical island; they inhabited the island and built cities of smidger hnests. Then one dayv a mysterious band of ships roamed into the docks! What could that be ? The ship turned out to Sitilish amnd they were seeing how was the island coping, the arrivals fiitted electricity and other new exciting things to the smidgers lives, until Smidger island looked lik a normal established country.They were annouced a country in 1955 and remained friends with Sitland from then on.


Smidger island has the wierdiest climate of all. Despite being a country right on the north pole it has a tropical climate. In fact it has a tropical climate and a tundra climate. In the summer the south is tropical and the north is tundra, but in the winter the north is tropical and the south is freezing, so the smidgers have two houses each for whatever season it is.

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