Smidgers; meaning and creatures

Smidgers have two meanings: the first is the little, cuddly creatures found usually in shops and beds - the other is a little of something. The smidger creature is usually seen in nests made of bedding and books. They have a nest rule, which is: firstly, find bedding and books. Then, put down the foundations of books and then apply the bedding on top.Finally, make friends with other smidgers (preferrably 8 or more) and invite them to your comfy nest. Despite this, smidgers have toilet issues, with breaking wind every half-hour and needing the toilet more times than necessary. The other smidger meaning as in little, is a informal saying coming from middle English in the 17th century.

The history of smidgers

The first smidger sightings were in the 2000 bce ,when pharoahs started employing the small, cuddly things as pyramid helpers, as they were cheap and could be persuaded easily and they ate little amounts of food.Smidgers also worked in the farms and as oarers in the Nile. Eventually, when the greeks came  they used the smidgers more kindly, making them test inventions and perform as small people in plays as large as in the olympics! By the time the Romans conquered Greece the smidgers had fled in tiny barges across the Caspian sea. By 700 ad  the little barges had reached India and a great civilisation had begun... Smidgers built nests and temples in nowadays Bengal and produced ther Fartimon, their government, which produced the laws of smidgers and the  ways of the farts.The  ways of the farts is a book about all the farts: puff,  a basic small wind break without any noise; plain a mild, soft, inaudible and not very stinky fart, creamy a silent, mild, fart, but can stink;bubbley, a loud group of fast farts and can stink;stinky a very stinky fart as its name suggests;pooey a messy bubbley fart;rough, a loud sharp fart;puff a quiet squash sound fart;silent, a silent, but extremely stinky fart;squezzy, a very forced fart usually found when a person is having constepation;daddy, a loud long and stinky fart;plop, a fart that makes a plop noise;bomb, a louder and stinker one than the daddy; and the king ,which is the ultimate fart, last for 1 whole minute, very stinky, very loud and only 3 people have ever done one ( one in holland and two in Bengal). The great civilisation lasted until 1873, when the invading british ousted the smidgers out of india and into china! Sadly, the chinese did'nt want smidgers so they told them to go to a newly discovered place in the Pacific called Sitland and they set of in their tiny barges again...But. When they arrived at the mystery land their future enemiews were there- cacamoos! Cacamoos are deadly evil creatures who hunt anything harmless or friendly. they live with deadly fangs, murderous eerie eyes in dark caverns. The evil monsters chased the harmless smidgers into the  vast rainforests of the north.There they built another civilisation with more protections of walls and weapons. But in 1899 the british invaded again! They took the land and made a deal with the chief of the smidgers," We'll not attack you and you can live here, if you work for us." the smidgers agreed and 20 years of hardship was to come of endless, dangerous work and only a ration of a cream cracker a day, except for Christmas. after those horrid times the smidgers made a plea of inderpendence to the Sitilish people and ask if they could have their own island just north of the land called Smidger Island. The Sitilish granted their wish, but only if some smidgers can still work for them. The ones who were picked to work, worked for 5 years, until they asked if  they should help children around the world be happy at bedtime and be as we know it - teddy bears, the smidgers agreed as they knew the beds looked like nests and the soft toy industry began or the loving smidger charity ,as it was called in smidger island.

The word smidge was first used in 1840 as a word for a little amount it came from the word smitch. 

Smidgers today

Smidgers nowadays come in many shape, sizes and themes. From burgers to zebras and santas to mouses, but they are all the same.They have now shown a liking to sweets especially smidger treats ,which, when a smidger sees it they have to eat it ,whatever the cost sometimes leading to cacamoos' traps. Some smidgers are used as cuddling toys and some are respected people at goverment meetings, but they are all have the same cuteness. Their newly founded homeland is great friends with sitand ,who have helped the land adapt to new changes such as electricity and military defences.

A stuffed fish smidger

Smidgers number alive approx: 4,000,000,000 approx Size:1.2m Intelligence 1-10:6
Humans 7,000,000,000 1.8m 10
Cacamoos 3,000,000,000 1.7m 7
Fish 100,000,000,000,000 15m-0.1m 1-5
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