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The term smidge to a car is referred as when a car looks cute or small. Some of them ,like Herbie, are famous and some like the Caterham are fast. But even though this a phrase their is a car company owned smidgers in Smidger island and made by smidgers called the Fartmigon.

A list of smidge carsEdit

Fiat 500

Smart car

The hawk

Peel P50

BMW Isetta

Goggomobile Dart

Crossley Supersport

Morgan F-5

Merrshermitt KR177

Lightburn Zeta Sport

Tango e4

Honda S600

Fiat Jolly

Ustin Healey sprite

Geely Panda

Nissan S-Cargo

Valley Chancellar

Meadows Frenksy frenksy sport

Mazda porter cab

Dune Buggy

Bubbly mobile 

Daddy mobile

Caterham kit car


The Fartgimon is a car company in Smidger island which owned and manufactured by smidgers. It has built two cars: the Bubbly mobile, which resembles a bubbly fart and the daddy mobile or papa mobile, which resembles a smidge on it's papa's back.


Factories: Diajme ans Sasmiak

Owners: Jamews Stinkington and 5 other share holders.

Best car made: Bubbly mobile

A Bubbly mobile

Cars sold: 340,000

Time in production line: 3 mins

Money made: $£ 3,000,000

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