Sitland : the introductionEdit

Sitland is the largest, most populated and the richest country in the low land.It is 20,000,000 square kilometres big and has a population of 5,000,000,000. Their government is a constitualnal monarchy and they speak Sitilish. their head of state is Gjorgi Fordog who is the president and the country is divided into 8 states and their capital cities are Sasmia and Pjanca Sitland.

The historyEdit

Before 1846 Sitland was just a island inhabited by the evil cacamoos. Then ,in 1846, a lost chinese merchant ship lost in a fog found this land and named it Sitsaland. the ship came back and told China about the mysterious island. Many didn't believe them all except  the leaders. they asked the sailors loads of questions interested in this land. Then on a cloudy night 50 smidgers walked into the palace looking for somewhere to stay the leaders didn't want them in China so they set them on a quest to the mysterious island called Sitsaland! After many long weeks, the smidgers arrived at the island and were quickly hunted by cacamoos who chased them into the rainforests. 40 years of peaceful life roamed, until the first ever humans set foot in sitland-invaders! Huntsmen and soldiers came in huge ships and seized the island making deals with both cacamoos and smidgers so the creatures would leave the island. The soldiers (who were British) built houses and librarys and schools and civilised the country, they made smidgers  be free and they took on the natives language Sitilish. They built their vast army and their cities whilst helping Smidger island they made a king and a leader and they got inderpendence from Britain in 1934 calling the country Sitland for the first time. But it wasn't all good; in 1994 Sitland went island hopping ( taking over small islands)  so they could make the country bigger but it lead to enemies with other countries ,who thought it inhuman to do it. In 2007 they found the island of Panamaca.

The 8 statesEdit

The 8 states of sitland are: West Sitland, South sitland, North Sitland, East Sitland, Panamaca,Pjanaca Sitland and Sasmia.

Wars fought inEdit

Fought Won or Lost
Francemander Won
WW2 Won
Panamaca Won
Lunbi carne lost
Blontafin Won
2007-04-06 south-america-path

A picture of Sitland

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