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The Pinkey islands outline

Pinkey islands are the smallest and poorest country in the whole of orients union the orients union  and it's only industry is tourism. It is 1,000 square kilometres big and has a population of 2,000 people. it is a monarchy and the king is Ryanda III. It speaks Sitilish and it has a tropical climate. 


The Pinkey islands unlike any other Orients nation was found, in 1898 , by German settlers. They built a little village all for themselves with all their necessities. This village grew and grew  with tourists and holiday makers. The village eventually grew into a city and then a country. In 1955 Pinkey islands got its independence from West Germany and announced its monarchy. The country made its tiny military of 100 soldiers in 1969 but has fought no wars.  It grew it to a country with a reputation of peace and goodwill and was the only island in the outer islands area not to get island hopped by Sitland .

Holiday Fun!Edit

Pinkey islands is a holiday destination for sun, sand and fun! Here is a list of all the activities at the islands.

Beach volleyball
table tennis and other indoor sports
Tree climbing and other jungle fun
drinking coconuts and other exotic fruits
Having a beach fire barbecue
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