Francemander is one of the 6 countries in the Orients union and the second most important. It has a population of 1,000,000,000 people and is 10,000,000,000 square kilomertres big. It is a presidential country and it is divided in to 5 states and speaks Sitilish. It has a heated rivalry with Sitland , which caused a war and it is very hot and humid and its capital is Lajka.

History Edit

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Francemander map

The land of Francemander remained uninhabited for centuries, until in 1902 smidgers making a nest in the sitland rainforests saw a desert land in the sun  they called it Goyusa (medaning god land)they kept it a sacred place never to be explored. They kept that vow ,until the British came and sent smidgers to Smidger island, then the British inhabited Francemander like they did Sitland and started building cities and schools and transport and their army until it was a perfect place to live. In 1954 Francemander got their inderpendence from Britain calling it self Francemander for the first time. Francemander grew for their love of sport and have won many world cups and gold medals. But they did lose the Francemander and the Pasnamaca wars which took away their wealth,despite this they grow wealthier all the time.

The 5 statesEdit

West Francemander, East francemander, North Francemander,South Francemander and Lajka Francemander.


There flag has a tiger because it sybolises: orange fur is ther sun and desert, sporting greatness: a tiger is a very athletic beast and power: a tiger is top of the food chain.

Francemander Flag

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