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Conya Football Association is a small association that hasn't enjoyed much success. Despite this, it is a respected country in the  top 30 in the world.


The Conya Football Association began ,when all the teams in the country came together for meeting of how they were going to make competitive matches with a winner. In 1948, they decided to make the Conya football association, that would decide fair ways in which to play competitively. All the clubs in Conya agreed with this decision and ,in 1951, they decided to make a league ,like other countries had done before them. They began by putting all the divisions in alphabetical order ,so the top 8 teams that began with A were in the 1st division and so on. They introduced the promotion and relegation process ( see FFA and SFA for the full information on that) on 3 teams in each league and through the years, the better teams reached the 1st division ,so now the 1st division has all sorts of letters. One of the most striking differences between other associations is, there is no cup competition ,as the association wanted to be different and lazily thought it too hard to organize. In 1952 they decided to make a national team! They picked all the best players they thought were in the 1st division. The team hasn't enjoyed much success, but it has qualified for the worlds cup and orients cup ever since the two competitions offered them to play in 1972 and have gone as far as the semi-finals. In 1992, the Euro/Orients champions league offered the winner of the 1st division to play; they did but sadly they have never go past the group stages. Another down side, is they have been banned three times for attacking Canya.

Division 1 winnersEdit

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Conya Casadas

Conya national teamEdit


The kit is all blue except for boots.

Trophies wonEdit

  • Island cup

The team and their honoursEdit

  1. Demuty Kolaibov - Island cup and 1st division 
  2. Cqazaki Bola - Island cup
  3. Xearde - 1st division
  4. Sami Kilo - Island cup and 1st division
  5. Dadi Belu - Island cup
  6. Cazxegi Cauili - Island cup
  7. Olopoyti Deasa - Island cup
  8. Zachaty Belai - Island cup
  9. Dedi - 1st division
  10. Akali Kioloovco - 1st division
  11. Wesa Monoy - Island cup and 1st division

    The island cup - won 4 times by Conya

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