Conya's outline.

Conya is a small poor country in the very north of orients.It's climate is very cold with daily blizzards. It is only 30,000 square kilometres  big and has a small population of around 350,000 people. Despite there  size they have a quite large history and have a strong military.It has a huge rivalry with neighbours, Canya. It is now a constitutional monarchy after 3 long wars and it's president is Mnu Gyuru. It speaks Sitilish.


Conya was first discovered in 987 ad by Viking invaders looking for a new home. The Vikings named the place Conya after the princess the king wanted to marry. They began making little settlements all around the country. The country grew from the settlements and into towns. But! Then , in 1122, the Normans came, also looking for a place to live; they killed of the Vikings in bloody battles and inhabited the towns. The Normans changed the whole country, building churches, houses, castles, the army and the grand statue of Machlouge. People lived comfortably for 700 years, until the British came in 1893! they warded off the Norman way of life and made it more modern making cities, schools, the modern houses and the defences. They introduced electricity and other things like that it continued until in 1952 Conya got independence. But was that good? 20 years of war broke out because there was no leader and everyone wanted to be it the orients union had to intervene and they picked a sailor called Yasmkr Dimit. That was another bad choice he made himself dictator ruled a reign of terror until the 20-10 revolution when a constitutional monarchy was announced.

Conya/Canya rivalryEdit

Conya and Canya have always had a rivalry ( in anything) since Britain took over both of the countries. The whole country used to be called Conya until; the British came and insisted it should be kept apart. Canya's people liked this decision believing they should 'be free' but Conya who kept to traditions believed this was WRONG! So, Canya did what to be a country on its own, but Conya wanted them to be united.After many years of debate and arguing the Conyan people got angry they attacked the British settlers and tried to conquer Canya so they could be united once again. They didn't succeed and Conya were granted there independence because of their attack. After the 20 years of war for who would be leader the Conyan people decided to conquer Canya again , but this didn't succeed again and they were left out the orients union for 5 years for punishment for the invasion. The Conya people in 2011 attacked but they of course didn't succeed. The rivalry has spread from political views to sporting rivalry to everything rivalry. And still it continues!

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