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The Canya Football Federation is a small, but very good football federation. It has only 20 teams and it is the only football federation in the Orients. But despite the size, it has a history of success and is the 30th in the world and has the best size of population to ranking ratio! 


The federation began ,when  people from Canya wanted to play a sport internationally that would beat their rivals - Conya. They decided on football and in 1961 they formed a federation of all teams in the country to see who was best players. Choosing how to pick the best players, the federation decided to copy other associations and made a tournament for all the teams so they could see who was the best team and ultimately the best players. Sasedaed cup it was finally called after the founder of the federation Joun Sasedead and in 1965 the tournament started!  As with all association cups, the tournament was a huge success with crowds exceeding expectations, and by 1966 the federation had a list of the best players. And. In 1967, they decided to make leagues of Sasedaed division 1 and 2 to confirm that those were the best players. They sorted what they thought was the best players' teams in division 1 and the team were none of their players  have  been chosen. This proved that they were right about their selection and in 1970 they made the Canya national team. The team succeeded their mission, beating Conya twice in friendly games and in 1972 they were allowed to qualify for the world and Orients cup! They have qualified every single time to this day for both those cups. In 1992 they won the Orients  cup and in 2013 they came 3rd in the world cup ,with a country with tiny population! In 1993 their first place team from the Sasedaed division 1 was allowed into the Euro /Orients champions league which Canya won in 1997 with Deasfrig. They have a exciting future and possibly a world cup win!

League winners and their honoursEdit

Deasfrig Sasedaed division 1, Sasedaed cup and Euro/Orients champions league
Muko Sasedaed division 1 and Sasedaed cup 
Hijiklo Sasedaed division 1 and Sasedaed cup
Desa Sasedaed division 1 and Sasedaed cup
Jilokoli Sasedaed division 1
Aszxey Sasedaed division 1
Calakitre Sasedaed division 1
Holouilo Sasedaed division 1

 Canya national teamEdit


The Canya national team's kit is traditionally all blue including the boots

Trophies and honoursEdit

  • Orients cup
  • Island cup
  • Champions cup

The team and their honoursEdit

  1. Chalill Girgi - Orients cup, island cup and Sasedaed cup
  2. Zargy Tilli - Orients cup, Sasedaed division 1 and Sasedaed cup
  3. Fiki Cala - Orients cup and Sasedaed cup
  4. Makil Julali - Island cup, champions cup and orients cup
  5. Bulo ili - Orients cup, Sasedaed cup and Sasedaed division 1
  6. Cazaki Lopin - Orients cup, champions cup, island cup and Sasdaed division 1
  7. Titi Loki - Orients cup and Sasedaed division 1
  8. Cela Xas - Sasedaed cup
  9. Covert Bela - Orients cup, champions cup and Sasdaed division 1
  10. Sami Kilop - Orients cup, Island cup, Champions cup, Sasdaed division 1, Sasdaed cup and uro/Orients champions league
  11. Ciloc Ver - Orients cup, island cup and champions cup.
    Cheapest blue training short sleeve soccer jersey with short kit 2

    Canya's football kit

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