Canya is a very small, cold poor country. It is only 2,000 square kilometres big and has a population of 100,000.It is the second weakest country in the Orients union and has a rivalry with Conya. It's government is presidential and it's leader is Derty Dfrtig. they also speak Sitilish and are very good at football considering there size


Canya like Conya was found by Vikings looking for somewhere to live. They kept Canya a sacred place for prayer only: they only built churches on its grounds. When the Normans invaded in 1122 they also kept the Vikings law of a sacred ground but built more impressive churches on its grounds. Then the British invaded and seized the churches. The British didn't follow the Norman and Viking rules and destroyed the churches to make houses! The British made Conya for the first time a place to live and built houses and everything. They insisted that Conya and its neighbour Canya should be kept apart so they could get more money when taxing because they wouldn't have to pay the the taxer so much. This brought happiness to Canyan's hearts -- freedom at last. But the Conyan's were angry - this wasn't what they wanted. They attacked Canya! The people were scared as the angry Coyans destroyed there homes. It took two weeks till the British army stopped them and brought both the countries independence . The country elected their leader and lived happily for 20 years until there was another attack by Conya! What are we going to do? they thought. The government asked the Orients union to help - the union granted their plea and protected them through more attacks - and they banned Conya from the Orients union! The Canyan people were relieved no more attacks. In 2011 Conya tried another attack but for the first time the Canyan army had beaten the Conyan's vast military! The country now lives peacefully  but it still has it's rivalry. Football Team: the Canyan Cheetahs The Canyan cheetahs are Canya's national football team. The team, considering the country 's tiny population and climate, is very good - 30th in the world in fact! And has the best ranking compared to their population. In contrary to the skill they have been banned by Fifa two times because of warfare.


The kit is all dark blue and traditionally their footballers were blue football boots.


The team was first founded in 1896 as a game for the soldiers to play they started playing on the fields around Canya. They  decided to make a kit and a badge and a clubhouse. They built all of these things and asked other countries to play friendly matches. They formulated a youth team ,in 1915 and a stadium in 1923. They entered there first world cup in 1928 coming 5th. Since then the team has grew and grew coming 3rd in the world cup in 2005 and becoming a now respected team. They had to reinvented the team twice since there banning makes them not a official team and have shattered teams reputation of them as weaklings.

Teams BeatenEdit

Teams How many times beaten
Francemander 4
Sitland 1
Conya 7
Smidger island 2
Pinkey islands 8
England 3
France 4
Germany 2
Ireland 4
Tunisia 1
Blontfein 18
Italy 2
Sweden 4
Australia 5
Russia 1
china 3
India 5
Samoa  1
South Africa 2
Lurnbi Carne  3
Spain  7
Scotland 3
Turkey 2
Singapore 3
Mexico 7
Czech Republic 4
Nicaragua 2
Canada 9
Finland 1
Greece 5
South Korea 2
American Samoa 4
Puerto Rico ( friendly) 1
Bangladesh 2
Kazakhstan 5
Japan  1
Algeria 2
Azerbaijan 1

The outline of Canya

Cheapest blue training short sleeve soccer jersey with short kit 2

Canya's football kit

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