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Blontfein Football Association is the smallest and worst football association in the world. With only 8 teams and only 1 win internationally, it is true. It has also featured in the biggest losing margin ,when Sitland thrash them 1244-0. It is also the worst ranked in the world - 452nd


The association started ,when cacamoos decided to play football ,so they could beat smidgers in a sport. They decided to make teams to copy the smidgers association and started the Blontfein Football association. In 1976, they had made 8 teams made of volunteers ,who wanted to play - they weren't very good. Eventually, they made a league called the Saselay league ,which translates into the smidger hunt league! It contained only 8 teams and there was only 1 league, after it had formulated the smidgers said to the Orients union that the cacamoos of Blontfein  weren't playing football - they were going to attack them on the football pitch ,because of the league name! The smidgers sent their plea to the court and the court granted their wish and sadly for the cacamoos in 1982 they weren't allowed to play any smidger teams and they had to play normally or suffer a ban forever. The cacamnoos thought if we can't attack them, we can beat them, so they made a national team of their best players (volunteers). Blontfein's team was made official in 1986 and was allowed to qualify for the world and Orients cup. Unfortunately, there team was bad and they lost every single qualifying game to this day, including a 1244 -0 lost against Sitland. In 1992 there first place in the Saseley league was allowed in the first qualifying round of the Euro/Orients champions league ,but likewise they haven't won a game. Despite all this lost and badness, they have never been banned and in 2003 they beat Cachilu 1-0 - their first ever victory. So there future is better than before!

Biggest losing marginsEdit

  1. 1244-0 vs Sitland
  2. 125-0 vs Sitland
  3. 64-0 vs Francemander
  4. 31-0 vs Lurnbi Carne
  5. 17-0 vs Conya
  6. 12-0 vs Canya
  7. 10-0 vs England
  8. 9-0 vs Brazil
  9. 7-0 vs Brazil
  10. 7-0 vs Russsia

The teamEdit

  1. Sahu Milo
  2. Daede 
  3. Milokeviro Huyi
  4. Sazai Xaeder
  5. Calanm
  6. Ecedasa Kilomovic
  7. Polov Cala
  8. Vertu Zacgery
  9. Loret Bela
  10. Ulirea
  11. Vasada Juyert
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