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Blontfein outline

Blontfein is a small very poor country in the eastern side of Sitland . It is only 4,000 square kilometres big and has a population of 25,000 cacamoos. The country has a warm climate and is famous for its dangerous roads. it is a cacamoo kingdom.


The country was first thought of by the British ,when the took over Sitland . The British wanted a save place for the natives to go live without bothering them; they decided for the smidgers should go to a island in the north and the cacamoos to go to a barren place in the east. The cacamoos didn't like this idea compared to the smidgers ,but were forced to the barren land. Unfairly, the British built a cage around the land so the dangerous and angry cacamoos didn't get out.Trying to cheer themselves up, the cacamoos built their new homes and tried to the place into - a cacamoo kingdom! They built thousands of nests and villages, made defences, made roads and made the place liveable! Rfandu I was elected king and they got independence in 1956 ,after much debate. They made a strong rivalry with Sitland believing the country should be theirs and in 2002 they made their dreadful football team ,who famously lost 1234-0 against Sitland.

Dangerous roads and the number of casualtiesEdit

Road name Casualties
Calakqa 140
Xareh 459
Rute 567
Iyopac 789
Asadze 889
Deaying 1457

One of he deadly roads of Blontfein.

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